Love Black Country is all about you. It’s about YOU as an individual seeing THE KINGDOM come on earth as Jesus expected, and it’s a call to YOU as ONE BODY in our geographic
al region, THE BLACK COUNTRY, to hear and act TOGETHER.

This blog exists as a central hub to explore all of the Kingdom activity happening in our amazing area, as well as featuring inspirational articles, links and resources to equip the Black Country Church to reach this region for Christ and see our communities transformed.

Sometimes/also known as The Black Country Net, our target is to reach the 1.2 million people of the Black Country who do not yet know Christ, and in doing so, seeing our communities transformed as the King Himself takes residence here and builds His Kingdom amongst us.

Our strategy

– Modelling Kingdom values and relationships
– Connecting church leaders, church members and organisations throughout the Black Country
– Gathering to pray, proclaim and celebrate
– Equipping and resourcing the church
– Inspiring towards evangelism through strategies and events.

Our Values (who we are and what we stand for)

As a group we will act and behave in a way that demonstrates:

– Interdependence – placing high value on working together.
– Involvement – placing high value on engaging and Including others.
– Innovation – placing high value on creativity and trying new things.
– Intentionality – placing high value on working with passion and energy.
– Investment – placing high value on investing in people and projects.
– Inspiration – placing high value on the leading of God


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