Churchianity vs Christianity

Taken from an upcoming article from our very own Tim Fellows…

‘Someone once said, “what we draw people WITH  we draw them TO”. Brilliant! The bait we use at birth determines the appetite‎ for life. Choose very wisely!

But sadly, this is not the reality in ‘churchianity’. We draw people to attend a meeting, most often with very good intention, to commit to a program, to be loyal to a group of people or leader(s), and whilst it is possible for some to still eventually be found by Jesus in this intrinsically sterile system (hopefully many of you reading this now), it is not automatic and it is my very sad but genuine observation that it is not the norm for many.

How utterly horrific it is to observe that the very thing intended to draw people to Jesus could have been tampered with to ‎actually inoculate them against Him. How ingenious!

Multitudes have been sucked into a life of religious activities.  They get stuck there too. So many have been offered promises of eternal life by attending a meeting, or a congregation, yet the reality of knowing Christ Jesus has been obscured from them in the process.

Most are sucked into a life of attending a congregation, though modern culture has allowed consumerism to join the panel, so we can re-phrase that to ‘many are drawn into a life of attending many congregations’ as one menu becomes less satisfying than another.

That is not a life. It is a sentence, unless we’re following Jesus‎, know His commitment to us and have found a communion with others on the very same journey.

So, you can be ‘in Christ’ and ‘in churchianity’, but please don’t assume that one automatically connects you to the other!

“Who do people say I am?”, asked Jesus. The echo of these words still require a response.’



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