The EU Hokey Cokey #inorout? @sandwellnet

Does Britain stay in or does Britain opt out?
In, Out? In, Out?

Described as the biggest single issue in UK politics in a generation, should Christians be engaged in any way in the discussion, or should ‘church & politics’ be separate, as many have suggested?

What does The Bible teach us in terms of how God’s people should play their part in determining how decisions that affect the existing and emerging generations are made? Do we encourage people to make use of their vote or is abstinence a better way?

We want to gather Christian Leaders to explore some of the key issues that surround the question of whether or not The UK is better IN or OUT of The European Union.

It is not our intention to suggest that either route is best, or to offer any leading in the debate as such. Instead, we have invited some of the senior politicians in our area to come along and address Christian leaders as to how they view the principles and the key issues.

Friday 10th June
12-4pm (approx time TBC)
Ramada Park Hall Hotel, W’ton
We invite you to come and join us so that you can we can all be better informed as we approach 23rd June…Decision Day!

Booking is essential. Please put the date in your diary for now and watch this space for more details.

For His Kingdom,

Tim Fellows
On behalf of Love Black Country.


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