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Walsall Local Authority are keen to talk to people from  churches and faith communities who may be interested in fostering a local child.

If you live in Walsall Borough or close by, they would love to hear from you. They have put on the following event where you can come along for a chat, ask questions, talk to social workers and current foster carers to find out more about if fostering might be for you.  The Recruitment Team Practice Manager for Walsall is called Mary Banks. Mary is also a member of a local Walsall church and would love to use this as an opportunity to involve local churches more in fostering.

She will be at the event and available to answer any faith based questions and can be contacted by email: banksm@walsall.gov.uk

When: Saturday 21st May
Time: 10am-12pm
Where: St Matthew’s Church, St Matthew’s Centre, St Matthew’s Close, Walsall, WS1 3DG

For more information, click here.

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