The Invisible / Relational

– Some of the people referred to above who have so faithfully given US their time and energy for free in past years now need to be released more freely BY US-We ideally need a small team of people in each borough to enable them to fulfil their calling to serve The Body of Christ across the congregations, organisations businesses and boroughs
– We believe it is good and right to reward them for what they do and who they are

– We need to release them to have more focus to do an even better job, ie, all that we have been trying to explain about the power of connecting and relationally bringing US together

-We also need to engage new people who are ready and waiting to serve God’s call on their lives with a broader mandate across the region, and we will provide more specifics in the next and penultimate email of the series.

What will they do?

-more of what we’ve talking about these past weeks……and maybe some new stuff.

-the focus will give them the time and honour to be enabled to do this and to develop a team and a vision for their borough, for YOUR borough

-they will help to equip the saints for works of service (Ephesians 4), you and me.

-have your borough as their priority and link across your borough, and with other boroughs/regions , building upon what you have successfully achieved to date.

-provide additional ‘legs’ to earth our shared vision.


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