The Visible / Activities

These are some of the current activities that we are connected to and/or supporting;
– There is a monthly breakfast in each of the 4 boroughs where people of all backgrounds, denominations and ages can come together with one aim in mind, The Kingdom (being more established in their borough)

– There is a quarterly regional breakfast where we all get together from these 4 borough spaces to do the same

– There is a youth network being developed again in some of the boroughs with a desire for this to move to every borough by 2018

– There is a network of congregational leaders that get together in each borough at least onece a month

– There is a monthly gathering of reps from each of the 4 borough ‘Love xx’ teams in order to keep us regularly connected across the geography

-we are meeting with leaders from the surrounding counties in the heart of England as we follow The Lord’s leading into all things ‘Mercia’ (we can explain more if you ask!)

-there is at least one retreat each year where we aim to gather key leaders from all walks of life to hear from God together for the region

-we are about to release a bank account in each of the 4 ‘Love xx’ teams to enable us to invest in people and projects more locally (like a ‘common purse’)

-we have started the ‘Love Black Country Family Champions’ initiative (which we will focus more on in the next email as we now need to find someone to take it onto a new level, but it has already got 20 local churches on board and is reaching lots of people, more than we probably realised, and in order to take it further, we need an Operations Manager)


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