SFC: The Invisible / The Crew

To be able to see many of the wonderful dreams and visions highlighted in the VISIBLE come to pass, we simply HAVE TO invest in people!

Without the visionaries, the intercessors, the leaders, the connectors and the passionate people on the ground, the impact of the invisible will never be seen. AND, until we can release these people more fully, we will have a limited impact as our experience has taught us that until a person is focused, they are limited, even with all the passion in the world. WE NEED TO RESOURCE THEM IN ORDER TO RELEASE THEM,  and in releasing some of their time, they will be resourced to become more focused and fruitful.

Our initial hope is to able to invest between £500-£1,000 per month into each of the 4 boroughs over 2017, and hopefully beyond. The idea would be to resource each borough team to release the person or the persons (a small team ideally) that  they see as being called by God to do what they do, and most likely what they are already doing.

This is all about local ownership, not centralised control. Can you see this?

Could you see yourself taking up a role to invest £25, £50, £100 or even £250 per month into this vision? This kind of investment will enable us to plan ahead and make very real pledges to the people God is calling, and some may need to give up at least part of their current employment in order to do it, so we have to take great responsibility in this whole process.

We would also invite single gifts, £100, £250, £500, £1,000 or even more. Someone invested £5k last year when we released the new communications strategy. Others have invested significant sums into us as they have seen things like the Family Champions initiative get off the ground. We do not seek to use salesmanship or manipulative tactics in this guys, and we have to trust that The Lord will lead you to see this and want to invest into ‘us’.

And if you did not click into the Family Champions section, we are looking to release an OPERATIONS CO-ORDINATOR who can take this wonderful initiative into a new orbit as the potential is enormous. This will require around £12k per year to do this well, and there may well be people reading this who could fund a month or two into the next season, and who knows, maybe a whole year. All of us can do something, and every gift or standing order is a SEED, and we will sincerely appreciate every one we gather in.

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