SFC The Visible: The Activities

We would  love to birth some new initiatives in the next 1-2 years, and to release our relational DNA into some fantastic plans that we believe The Lord has given people across the area, people just like you. We would love to hear what God is stirring in your heart too, and look to keep connecting people across the region around heart and vision, unity and mission.

Please remember, these will only be possible as we release the visible from what happens in the invisible.

 The Visible: The Activities

As well as continuing to connect to and/or support these wonderful activities;

Monthly borough-wise breakfasts spaces      

Quarterly regional breakfasts       

Youth networks      

Congregational leaders   

 Love xxxx team-building  

Love black country team development

All-things ‘mercia’      

‘common purse’     

leaders’ retreats  

How would you like to invest into some of these?

24/7 prayer      

youth missions and events        

business chaplains        

third sector networks        

prayer houses

local and international missions opportunities    

developing prayer teams    

borough-wide prayer and worship collectives

a new season of ‘Watchmen‘         

family champions Phase II  

Speaking of Family Champions Phase 2… Click to read an update and our plans

or go back to the email…


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