Seeding for Change VI

Our Penultimate message! Read all about everything we’re going to be doing from activities to creating new Job roles. Can you help us grow and see Change happen?

A Present for The Future
Part VI

Well, we said we’d be back soon, and here we are, counting down to the epilogue of this ‘Seeding For Change’ heptalogy.

I do hope you beautiful Black Country people appreciate the educational qualities we aim to fuse into these emails, as you will now be able to answer the pub-quiz question, “What do you call a series of seven distinct narratives?’ Sadly, you almost all failed to spot the very deliberate mistake sown into the last of these narratives, as Mark Twain was in fact not English at all!

We do thank Mrs XXXX of XXXXX for taking the time to send us this correction, and we look forward to receiving her investment very shortly too. We accept sterling or dollars. We love you all.

Anyway, let’s pick up where we left off just a few days ago and generate this penultimate edition of the heptalogy in question. Yes, we’re almost there guys, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey back to the future as much as I have, and just a little more than Mrs XXX of XXXXX.

It has been lovely to hear back from you as you have shared your own memories and comments, or just sent back your encouragement to us to keep going. That is so lovely, and very welcome!

This is very much intended to be a corporate narrative, a chronicle of His-story here in our beloved region, and we know that even if some of you choose not to invest with us at this time, you will have benefitted from reading through the different emails we have been sending through to you since late January. We hope that this series brings glory to our God, and encourages as many people as we can get them to (and please help us in that by sending onto people you know and love), as whether we are able to push on into a new season where we invest into lots more, just being able to declare ‘thus far The Lord has been with us’ has been very important, and utterly delightful. This whole process has greatly encouraged me personally, as you very often don’t take time to reflect when you’re so involved in stuff every day, every week, every year, etc.

We paused in chapter 5 after sharing how we are currently investing in both the invisible and the visible realms. We invited you into the ‘treasure chests’ to take a peep at some of what this actually is, and we said we’d press on this time into some more of the detail, and some of your dreams too, the things we want to start to do that will require our financial base to widen and increase.

THIS TIME – What kind of future can we sow into now?

What we would like to do now is to cast some vision, to sow some thoughts and to share some dreams that we know people in our area are carrying, though we will do this in seed form so that if any of you want to know more, specifically invest into, get more information about so that you can join your own vision to, etc, you can just let us know. Our passion is not just to generate vision but to inspire and connect people with vision.

We would  love to birth some new initiatives in the next 1-2 years, and to release our relational DNA into some fantastic plans that we believe The Lord has given people across the area, people just like you. We would love to hear what God is stirring in your heart too, and look to keep connecting people across the region around heart and vision, unity and mission.

Please remember, these will only be possible as we release the visible from what happens in the invisible.


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