Regional Breakfasts…

Good news…..we were able to stand together as a network of Christians at last week’s Black Country Regional Breakfast at Dudley Village Hotel.

Over 100 of ‘us’ came together as an expression of our unity in mission, and we were from over 50 congregations, 24 organisations and 22 businesses, so quite a spread!

We shared stories, testimonies, information about some great collaborative events over Easter in Wolverhampton and Dudley, a Sandwell Prayer walk next month and a multi-church Mission in Walsall in June.

We also heard about Saltmine’s offer to stage productions from groups of local churches who wish to engage their communities in different ways, and a means to learn more about our faith from the local hub of Westminster Theological Centre.  If any of you want further details, please just ask.

We also got to hear a brief update from the Night Shelter venture in Wolverhampton city centre and an opportunity to invest into this. And alongside that, we reminded everyone that the ‘Seeding For Change’ funding series is now OPEN FOR YOUR INVESTMENT, and we await our corporate response.

Finally, we heard some great stories of ‘unity movements’ from across the UK, and even wider from Gather’s Roger Sutton, and we had some great feedback around this as so many of you were encouraged to hear that our God IS at work across these islands and all over the world, joining His Church together as ONE in mission and prayer. We’ll keep you posted on this, and if any of you want to take part in the MOVEMENT DAY conference at Westminster in October, please see www.movementday.uk for more details.

Next month, we return to our borough breakfasts, so please book in as soon as you can using the details below..

Love Dudley

Love Walsall

Love Wolverhampton

Love Sandwell


Wherever you land, we look forward to seeing you there!

Have a wonderful Easter.


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