Listening to God – Working together – Pursuing transformation

We exist to see the spiritual, social, economic and ecological transformation of the Black Country

Listening to God
We believe we need to corporately listen to the voice of God as He speaks to the Body of Christ in our region. We do not claim to have the monopoly on the mind of Christ but believe that God has created a relational foundational network that spans decades into which He has spoken time and again and will do in the future. We believe part of our role is to continue to listen to God and obey His word. We value the prophetic in its broadest sense as it brings challenge and energises us towards a different future.

Working together
We believe that where God’s people live in unity they enjoy His blessing and life. Love Black Country exists to encourage this quality of unity by facilitating a network that spans denominations, backgrounds, age-groups, ethnicity and gender. We believe by leading collaboratively and harnessing collective effort we are better placed to reach the people living in our region with the Gospel.

Pursuing transformation
We believe that the heart of God for our region is transformation in its widest sense. We long to see a move of God that impacts and transforms the spiritual, social, economic and ecological well-being of our region. We believe transformation is about more than individual congregations prospering. It is also about neighbourhoods and cities whose values and institutions have been overrun by the grace of God. A society and culture so impacted by the Kingdom of God that we see homelessness decline, addictions broken, crime-rates drop, unemployment fall, communities prosper, families nurtured, children thrive, young people fulfilling their potential, old-people honoured and cared for, loneliness eradicated, broken-hearts healed and kingdom values passed on to a future generation.

This blog exists as a central hub to explore all of the Kingdom activity happening in our amazing area, as well as featuring inspirational articles, links and resources to equip the Black Country Church to reach this region for Christ and see our communities transformed.

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